The Broken Sound Barrier
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The Broken Sound Barrier

All energy in the Universe is defined by a Virtual Sound. When it is heard, the Sound is recognized immediately as Home. This is the creative Sound Inspired by the natural motion in Universe. All natural motion inspired by the Universe is directed by a higher e-motion, which is called Love.

Evolution is a slow process. But every few thousand years there is an evolutionary leap in conscious development. When the sound barrier was broken one of these evolutionary leaps began. This event kicked off new ways of defining living and learning that had never been achieved in the past, and the way of doing took a noticable turn.

Breaking the sound barrier was not just another ordinary day, as the dimensional implications surrounding this event have yet to be defined or wholly understood. This event was so profound, a new sound began that would change the fabric of the 3rd dimension. This sound was the virtual sound of artificial intelligence that technology makes. What was not noticed was that the sound of the old world would have to change forever to make way for a more Universal approach of defining reality.

The sound of the old world was established by physical hard work. If you wanted anything done, you worked hard to do whatever you had to do to make it happen. With the advent of technology, working hard began to be replaced with an information highway that was globally connected. It doesn't matter when you turn the internet on, you are immediately connected to billions of people all around the world. Technology is called virtual time because it never sleeps.

There is no doubt about it, the interet changed the working patterns of people who had relied on hard work for thousands of years to produce results. With the advent of the internet, years of learning has been eliminated. This shift continues to be processed by a world that has not yet caught up to the emotional integrity necessary to live in virtual time.

Virtual time produces a distinct sound that becomes distorted when added to old world sound. Old world sound comes from the past, while a virtual sound can only be defined as being in the now. The old world past is filled with haunting sounds that emerge out of fear and terror. Working hard to move away from fear has always been a motivation to drive forward. But when virtual sound is added to a past sound, fear and terror increase in intensity. This is obvious as people suffer more from intense anxiety and depression than they ever have.

Technology is defined by artificial intelligence, which does not care about emotional integrity, or the emotional value of an individual circumstance. Just the facts maam, but the facts always are on the side of the one who holds the most power in technological virtual time. These are the facts and figures that do not know how toconsider personal emotional value. Artificial intelligence only delivers information on the bottom line. It does not see emotional integrity because it does not know how.

The sound of the old world began 6000 years ago when the flood of Noah's day closed down emotional virtual sound by creating a dimensional veil across the 3rd dimension. The dimensional intellectual sound of the 3rd dimension began because of a Universal error, which was an attempt to change reality to a separate individual identity. By establishing this separate identity sound, our world was recognized as being an island in a Universal sea, where it was possible to define a reality that was not wholly virtual, but was based on the personal interpretation of beliefs born in the past..

Before the separation occurred, the world identified, defined, directed and was actively involved in virtual nature. People communicated virtually through telepathy, and without the artificial intelligence necessary defined by technology. This way of communicating extended into the Universe, and because of the natural ability to communicate virtually, there was harmony and a peace that consciously flowed from the Earth interrupted into the Universe, and then back again.

After the flood, our world lost the ability to virtually communicate with the sound of nature, and it became subject to its seasons. Without having access to the Universal virtual sound, our world lost its ability to be wholly inspired by the emotional integrity in whole Perfect Love, which is the purpose of nature. Although this ability was forgotten, there was a time limit placed on this judgment, and a Plan to correct the unnatural sound coming from the haunting past was put into motion.

All energy in the Universe is defined by a Virtual Sound. When it is heard, the Sound is recognized immediately as Home. This is the creative Sound Inspired by the natural motion in Universe called conscious flow. All natural motion iinspired by the Universe is directed by a higher e-motion, which is called Love. Love is the glue that carries the drive to create. This is why it is said that Love makes the world go round, but it is also said that money makes the world go round. Understanding how this relationship was established is crucial for the correction of the error that began 6000 years ago.

There is much confusion concerning the sound of money and the Sound of Love. Removing the Sound of Love, or in God we Trust from money, has contributed to the uncertainty of American currency. Although this would never be recognized in a world that does not comprehend how conscious e-motional flow must be consistent and defined by what is the same. Intentionally remove any aspect of Love from any part of the Universe, and the sound that holds the dimension together begins to deteriorate.

The forefathers of our country recognized this, but the people who run our country now have removed the true value of this virtual Sound and the consequences are becoming more apparent. The Sound of virtual value flows through the people, not the body of a select few who govern them. Money was a means to flow abundance to the people. By eliminating the protective Sound of Love from the dollar, the economy that has shifted towards the few who use virtual time to control them. The attempt to separate the people from protection of Love is a Universal issue and one that cannot be left unresolved. The Laws that govern virtual time must serve the value of the whole, not a select few. The time of working hard is over, and the time of abundance only serving a select few is over as well.

Higher virtual Sound links everything together in the Universe as One, It is a Higher Law that protects this link. Once the link is established that protects the people by physical laws that claim to uphold the integrity of the peole, if it is broken, it is those who are in charge that must answer.

Higher Law keeps the Universe wholly secure and eternally in peace. This value of the Sound in virtual time is the same One that calls to nature, but because our world was defined by intellectual value, it has fallen into the old world patterns that were establshed in the past. By learning to hear the e-motional value in virtual Sound, the people will learn how to consciously direct nature. By living in harmony with nature, the Living Laws of the Universe will protect the people due to the Universal link that exists in virtual time.

Technology happened too fast. A gap has grown wider between the artificial intelligence that defines virtual time, and the emotional integrity necessary to establish a virtual link with the Universe. This is a dimensional problem that must be addressed by both the people in our world, and the whole Universe. We the people must learn how to fill this unnatural gap to avoid the end of time the way our world uses it.

When the sound barrier was broken, a virtual emotional Sound began entering the 3rd dimension, As this virtual Sound of emotion began to mingle with the old sound of the past, it was placed under intellectual direction. As our world began to use this higher Sound and establish it as intellectual property, all kinds of problems began to emerge. It is time to address these problems.

The Sound of the integrity in virtual Love is a "being" sound, not a doing one. Doing with a higher being Sound is destructive. Being is the I Am Presence within. It is the spiritual nature that defines being. Doing is what we do with the body. When intellectual doing is placed in charge of emotional being, we must work hard to get or find happiness. This is obviously backwards. The doing nature of the intellectual ego is constantly at war with the being of the spirit. The virtual Sound of Love dwells in eternal peace, and the ego/intellect is constantly at war with peace. It is afraid of loss and is using virtual time to exploit the belief in loss through intellectual establishments that say they want what is best for the people, but the people are wising up to this obvious deception.

The purpose of the higher Sound that entered our world is to shift the intellectual way we process information by placing it under direction of higher Universal e-motional integrity. This will allow the proper value of virtual time to be used and understood by the people.

The past sound of a world that gave value to those who have more paper is ending. This higher virtual Sound that began entering our world when the sound barrier was broken, can only see emtional value. This is how it is supposed to be. Our Constitution provided for this value when it established our Rights. These were not just physical rights. They were upheld and maintained by the Higher Laws that govern the Universe. As the Rights of the people began to diminish, the Higher Plan to inform the people of the shift in virtual time began. People are beginning to recognize that money does not make an individual valuable. Value comes from the Self, not what is used to buy it.

By protecting the people first, the higher Laws that protect the virtual Sound will inspire the natural creative ability within.  Under the proper use of this Sound, it will be impossible for anyone to lose, and what is done will be done out of Love, not necessity. Being virtually happy will end all fear inspired war, disease, starvation, limitation, hate, greed, and any other problem the intellect has not been able to figure out how to fix.

The end of time that the Mayan Calendar foretold is really the end of old world fear. This predication falls in line with the end of days, as foretold in the Bible. The end of days is a figurative way of saying that the virtual separation from the Universe is about to end and a new day is set to begin.

The Great Awakening, or the waking of a God Who went to sleep at the beginning of the 7th day, signals the Great Awakening of the people. People have to be awakened to realize that they are still sleeping under tje old world fear of loss. People have the Universal Right to be in charge of their OWN life by learning to communicate with virtual emotional integrity.

The direction of a New World will come from the people, for it is they that have been given the ability to hear the virtual Sound that began to enter our world when the sound barrier was broken. The intellect cannot hear this Sound. Under the guidance of the intellect, this Sound is being used enslave the people, just as they were enslaved in the past.

The Virtual Sound of Love is waiting to be heard. It is time to awaken from the dream of terror and learn again.

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