Improving Intellectual Level
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Improving Intellectual Level

Having the enthusiasm, interest and passion to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills are often the best way to keep your brain active.

• Always aspire to develop and come up with new ideas and new things. Not just simple and easy ideas, but something complex and complicated that can challenge and activate your brain. This will likewise give room for excitement once you have successfully accomplished your desired result. • Engage in an activity or hobby that focuses on mental training and development like answering a crossword puzzle and solving a Sudoku game. Do this regularly especially if you have a spare time to help sharpen your intellect. • Get new experiences by joining a group, club, adopting a new hobby or enrolling in a short school course. You can take up a cooking class, study a new language or attend seminars. • Have enough sleep at least 8 hours each night. Sufficient sleep and a well rested body and mind help contribute to your intellectual development and improve your memory retention. Lack of sleep as a matter of fact makes you disoriented mentally, emotionally and physically. • Interact with intellectual people and talk with them about highly intellectual topics. This is also one way to test your intellect whether or not you can match their intellectual level. Being in the crowd of intelligent people can help enhance your knowledge and sharpen your thinking, logic and reasoning. • Never stop acquiring knowledge wherever you are and whatever you do. Always aspire to learn more by reading a lot. • Regular exercise can likewise help in your intellectual development. Exercise and physical activities can serve as your outlet for everyday stress, thus, reducing the risk of mental disorders and illnesses. It follows then that if you are stress-free, your brain can function well and enables you to think clearly and intellectually. • The food that you eat assists your body and mind to grow and develop well. Foods that are especially rich in vitamins and minerals enable your brain to develop, think and function well. Fatty acid like Omega 3 is also important for intellectual development. Having the enthusiasm, interest and passion to learn and acquire new knowledge and skills are often the best way to keep your brain active. Learning process is continuous regardless of your age. But in order to improve your intellectual level, make an extra initiative and effort to keep your brain active and working all the time not only for simple cases but for complex and more challenging test as well.

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