Be Motivated To Grow Your Business By Using Your Understanding Of Your Own Mental Awareness
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Be Motivated To Grow Your Business By Using Your Understanding Of Your Own Mental Awareness

being a successful business person

When you finally understand what is meant by the title of this article, you have no competition, you will understand a key to becoming financially successful in your area of business. Most business men work with the over riding presence of their competitors. They do not plan their day or schedule their work according to their needs and wants but they plan and schedule their work trying to out guess their competitors. What they are doing , in essence is working for their competitors. The energy that they use trying to out think their competition could have been used to make a fortune in the same amount of time. In business, as in all enterprises, what is important is energy. The energy you use is very important. Who or what you use it on will make or break you financially. You must learn to work as if you have no competition.

That doesn't mean that you are naive or even stupid. Of course, you know you have competition. But they are not working for you and they are not thinking for you. When you approach your business as the chief motivator and doer, you don't think about competition. You can't really compete against yourself, can you. You can over work. You can plan your time poorly and find yourself at the end of the month with a pile of bills that you forgot to pay when you had the money. Those are your obstacles and not your competition's obstacles. When you work in your business as the sole responsible person, you do not see your responsibilities as visible albatrosses. If that is how you see yourself in your business, you are obviously working for someone else, maybe your competition. You are a great and valuable person who deserves to collect on the fruit of his work.

Running your business for the best interest of yourself and your partners means that you follow your own hunches and make your own deals with your customers. You can only sell a product at a cost that will be beneficial to you. If you can afford to, you can make deals with customers to encourage their returning back to you. You can be realistic about people who are in the same business as you and who visit you and boldly ask for your advise. The rule of thumb at overt stealing of business ideas is for the intended victim to show the thief the door. Running your business as if you have no competition means being careful about your work and your business. Your work is what will help you to stay in business.

Your business is a separate entity. If you incorporate, you will learn more about business. Whether or not you incorporate, you only need to keep in mind that if your work is not used to continue by protecting your business, your business can fail and you will have to shut it down. Your business will no longer exist but you will continue to exist, probably to go on to another business until you have learned how to protect your business as if it were a vulnerable entity that could cease to be if you neglected it or if you worked with or for your competition in whatever manner whether conscious or through thoughtless arrogance of your responsibilities.

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